About Organization

Name: “OPTIMUM” Ltd

Address: 0179, Taktakishvili # 11, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Date of commencement of activities: 2016

Main activities: medical equipment and materials.

The company “Optimun” was founded in 2016, the company is focused on professionalism and good faith.

Each of our works and projects is always distinguished by high professionalism and modern high standards,

with an optimal approach to any issue.

The main motto of the company “OPTIMUM” is quality and efficiency.

Main goal for Optimum is to deliver professionalism to the market, constantly engage in increasing excellence of services, in order to provide best possible deal for its clients, aimed at bringing highest quality possible for all our projects.

Optimum is orientated in having long-term professional relationship with its partners or clients, as well as its fellow staff members.

Optimum is part of yearly conferences throughout the world, presenting various medical equipment and new inventions

Our team at Optimum has achieved high level of trust and authority with its clients, through hard work and passion for medicine

Optimum has close ties to all of its partner companies throughout whole world, in neighboring countries of Georgia as well as EU, the US or etc.

Optimum offers installation and maintenance services to its clients throughout Georgia, but in some cases company has been engaged in providing such service  in different countries as well, upon specific request of a client.